Our Products + Services


We support a number of honey and bee related products and services. We pride ourselves in a high quality honey and providing bee removal services throughout the Houston area.


Honey Squares

We have a unique process that allows our honey bees to build honey comb directly in the honey squares we provide to you. They build it and we just put β€˜a lid on it’. We know you will enjoy it.


Raw Honey

Enjoy local Raw Honey from our Houston Hives. The sweet amber liquid has notes of wildflowers and seasonal organic gardens. Use it in your favorite tea, on yogurt or ice cream or in a number of great recipes. Honey is also very beneficial for alleviating environmental allergies.


Hive Cut Honeycomb

Larger cuts of our pure and high quality Honeycomb for your restaurant or event needs. Impress your clients or guests with fresh honeycomb on your menu. Contact us for availability and delivery.


Bee Removal + Rescue

Our Houston neighborhoods provide many great places for honey bees to make their colonies. Sometimes even in our own homes. If you have bees in an unwanted place or see a bee swarm contact us for expert help and safe removal.


Bee-Educated Workshops - Become a Bee Charmer!

On a seasonal basis we provide beekeeping classes at our home in Garden Oaks for those that are interested in becoming beekeepers. Join us!



Bees themselves and products from the hive have significant benefits. Interested in utilizing bee stings and other bee products? We can support your journey in health.


Agricultural Tax Exemption

Commercial and Residential Acreage around Houston and surrounding counties can qualify for Property Tax savings by utilizing Honey Bees as an agricultural exemption. If you are interested in utilizing colonies for tax exemption purposes reach out to us for partnership.