A Bee Story


Our story with the bees started out in a very simple way. I have always loved to spend time in my garden growing things. Orchids, flowers of all kinds and any veggie that I can get to grow in our hot Houston plot of dirt. Watching and tending plants from seed to full thriving plants connects with my spirit. I always find wonder in the continual life in my back yard as well as the wide open spaces of nature. We’ve also followed a journey to find great food locally; getting to know the farmers that make great food in the best of ways; sustainable, thoughtful and small scale. The ‘artisans’ of their communities across Houston. 


I had long considered getting a few hives for our small backyard and after lots of classes, books and advice I bought my first two hives early in 2016. I became just as passionate about these amazing creatures as my many plants. I watched their comings and goings all season and delighted in their growth. Their ability to work together and buzz along was amazing to watch and the more I learned about the benefits of the hive truly inspired me.


Cyrus my partner and biggest supporter followed along with increasing interest from our guest room window as I learned the basics. Later the same year my first ‘teacher’ of bees who owned Mindful Honey in Oak Forrest shared that he would be moving on to carry out his passion for sustainable farming. Both Cyrus and I jumped on the chance to talk to him about his bee farm and how we could continue in his steps. And so, in a very short time we went from 2 hives to 40. It has been a crazy learning curve but we have enjoyed ‘almost’ every bit. (Stings aside!)

Bees are amazing creatures and we are excited to share our passion with you. We have built a sustainable bee farm right here in Houston and keep bees naturally (with no pesticides). We share honeycomb from our farm to you – what we like to call "hive to hand" – with bees rehomed from around Houston and growth through healthy colonies in our apiary.

Your support helps support the honey bees who are under significant stress and challenge to thrive in our current urban environments.


This is our little way of giving back. A bit of happiness to share and a purpose in doing our part for the bees.
— Sandi Murray, Chief Bee Charmer


Honey Squares

Our Honey Squares are a unique way to get honeycomb build directly into the cases in the hive. We just add a lid!

Bee Curious?

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